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Vietnamese Cuisine Culture 2015 Festival at Ciputra Hanoi

6/24/2015 11:23:25 AM

In response to the National Tourism Year 2015 and the 55th anniversary of the founding Tourism ( 9 July 1906 – 9 July 2015)

Vietnam National Administration of Tourism, Tourism Newspaper Corporation in collaboration with Union Investment Global and VTC Digital  Telecommunications to organize The Festival “Vietnamese Cuisine Culture 2015”.

The Festival is partly supported by Ciputra Hanoi and shall be held at Ciputra Hanoi, Tu Liem, Hanoi during 02 days 27 & 28 June 2015 (Saturday & Sunday)
Main Contents:

-    Music Culture Exchange – 03 regions
-    Countryside Market: A Glimpse of Country Soul
-    Cuisine Day: Vietnamese taste – Exchange and Integration
-    Folklore Culture Activities: Street Festival; Fashion and Life; Family Day
-    The program “Vibrant Summer Night"
-    Exhibition “Art & Culture of regions"
The Festival “Vietnamese Cuisine Culture 2015” is held with the spirit of Friendly - Solidarity – Exciting for honoring Vietnamese longstanding quintessential values and unique culinary arts. This is a great opportunity for Hanoi citizens and foreigners to enjoy variety of special products & cuisine culture across the regions of the country in a green and peaceful landscape at Ciputra Hanoi as well as for organizations, businesses and individuals to show their talents in cooking national tastes. Festival will attract the attention of more than 4000 people, including delegates from the ministries and departments; businesses operating in tourism services, and citizens.

The Festival with attendance of Vietnam famous artists, singers as well as staged performances promises to bring a monumental music night with unforgettable moment. In addition, attending the events, visitors will have lots of fun when participating in interesting activities, games, lucky draw with attractive prizes.

One of meaningful contents of the Festival is “Festival for the community” program, aiming at raising charity fund for “The disabled fund” in collaboration with “ benevolent fund”  and calling for support from philanthropists, business to help children in need.

For any further additional information, please kindly contact:

Union Investment Global and VTC Digital Telecommunications
Mr. Hưng: Mobile: 09 36 06 46 56, Email:
Ms. Hà: Mobile: 0942 518 012, Email:

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