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  • Grand Garden Ville Tây Hồ - “Đẳng cấp không dành cho số đông”
    Gardenville Tây Hồ Residence là dự án biệt thự đẳng cấp nằm trong không gian sinh thái rộng lớn bậc nhất Việt Nam lên tới 508.000 m2 diện tích dành cho cây xanh và hơn 261.000 m2 diện tích dành cho hệ thống hồ và kênh. Được bao quanh bởi khuôn viên xanh mát đong đầy nắng gió thiên nhiên, Gardenville Tây Hồ sở hữu tầm nhìn thoáng rộng hướng ra công viên, sân golf và hồ nước nội khu. Ưu thế nổi trội của phân khu Grand Gardenville là khu vườn xanh mát rộng tới 6.000 mét vuông được thiết kế dành riêng cho các tân cư dân.
  • Ciputra Hà Nội Golf Championship 2017
    Vừa qua, giải CIPUTRA HANOI GOLF CHAMPIONSHIP 2017 đã được tổ chức tại sân golf Đại Lải, Vĩnh Phúc thành công tốt đẹp với sự tham gia của hơn 130 tay golf đến từ Khu đô thị Ciputra, câu lạc bộ golf Ciputra và member của sân tập Ciputra.


Indovina Bank: Currently, Indovibank operating 02 transaction offices at: G02 Tower, P02 Tower.
Indovina Bank - Ciputra Hanoi office’s activities contribute to perfecting and improving service quality and facilities for residents in the Project area, Stage 1, in particular, and all residents in general.
  - Providing a wide range of banking and financial service as follows:
  - Foreign and local currency deposits
  - Loan for buying house in Ciputra Hanoi International City
  - Domestic and International remittances
  - Foreign exchange
  - Traveler’s cheque, visa, Master cards… encashment
  - Other services as permitted by State Bank of Vietnam

VP Bank: On the 31st March 2008, VP Bank held an opening ceremony for VP Bank Ciputra Hanoi office at Lot No 4 Shop house CT17-Ciputra Hanoi International City Xuan Dinh Tu Liem, Hanoi, attended by representatives from relevant offices and branches, local authorities, representatives from Ciputra Hanoi Management Board and residents.
The operation of VP Bank Ciputra Hanoi office in one of the biggest and self-contained city in which is developed with the financial and banking complexes getting the great financial transaction activities is a right direction of VP Bank in the strategic development to enhance the competitiveness and bring the high-quality service to the customers. With the well-equipped office, high qualified and experienced staffs, VP Bank Ciputra Hanoi is completely confident to welcome all customers who have the highest requests and share their time on the transaction of the business, especially Ciputra Hanoi residents.

VP Bank Ciputra Hanoi Office’s activities contribute to perfecting and improving service quality and facilities for residents living in Ciputra Hanoi and the neighborhood area, taking more advance and priorities as well good care to customers.
Providing a wide range of banking and financial services as follows:

  Mobilizing capital
  - Payment account and term deposit in VND and USD
  - Real time savings
  - Other types of mobilizing capital

  - Opening accounts
  - Performing settlement service inbound and outbound
  - Exchanging foreign currencies
  - Fast remittance
  - Other banking services

Providing loans
 - Providing loans for production, business
 - Providing consumption loans (buying car, study on abroad and other valid consumption proposes, renovating-constructing-buying houses, valuable papers collateralized loan, securities collateralized loan.


Vietnam Technological and Commercial joint stock bank-Techcombank would like to convey our warmest greetings, best wishes to our Valued Customers and sincerely informing that office Techcombank Ciputra Hanoi officially opens to serve customers on 15th March 2010 at E4-RS1, Tower E4, Ciputra Hanoi.
Techcombank is now making great efforts on serving customers the best, bringing an image of leading, dynamic and professional bank. The Ciputra Hanoi brand of Techcombank always provides more impressive and plentiful programs to serve Ciputra Hanoi customers as follow:
  - Many kinds of saving with competitive interest and attractive promotion. Especially, Techcombank Ciputra Hanoi also offer “service at home” for customers who live in Ciputra Hanoi
  - Dynamic account package includes: 01 Techcombank F@stAcess Card (ATM card), 01 Visa Debit Card, 01 token key for using Internet banking – free of issue charge
 - Home banking service – free of charge: There will be a SMS message on your mobile phone, email if all transactions occur on personal account
- Support Customer for buying a new house/building/repairing houses
- Flexible credit program for customers using “new auto” product of Techcombank Ciputra Hanoi.